“Blind Demo”

by G.A. Miller

A 1953 radio DJ gets a demo record from Luther Faire…his engineer should not have given it a spin that night...

“What If?”

by G.A. Miller

A collection of horrifying tales we suggest you enjoy reading just before bedtime...Sleep Well!


by G.A. Miller

Pete keeps waking on a bench at the corner of then and now, and has no idea why he finds himself there...

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G.A. Miller is a new voice in the chorus of horror authors, drawing his ideas from every day, commonplace events that take unforeseen turns down dark corridors, often with horrific consequences. Born between the original Japanese “Gojira”, and the Americanized “Godzilla, King of the Monsters!”, G.A.’s interest in horror developed early on, nourished by televised movies on “Shock Theater” (Hosted by Zacherley, the “Cool Ghoul”), Famous Monsters of Filmland magazines, old issues of the late, great EC Comics, the British Horror Invasion of great films from Hammer Studios…the list goes on. Making a living as a technician, he enjoys stepping away from the digital world, where ones and zeros are absolute, and entering the world of dark imagination, where a single “What If?” can turn normalcy to nightmare in a frenzied heartbeat, and rules of logic do not apply.

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