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G.A. Miller

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My Published Stories


Story Publication Release Date
Bequeath Hinnom Magazine 001 6/30/2107
Ear Wax Year's Best Body Horror 2017 9/30/2017
Shower Time The Edge : Extreme Darkness 8/31/2017
Nightmare Horror Bites Magazine 11/15/2017
Just A Little Bloob Horror Tree Website 11/5/2017
Rough Draft Evil Podcast 11/20/2017
Just A Little Bloob Deadman's Tome TBA
Ghost Writer Astounding Outpost 12/14/2017
Dad (A Drabble) Horror Tree Website 12/31/2017
Trappe's Rest EconoClash Review, Issue 2 TBA
Tumor Evil Podcast 1/15/2018

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The whole enchilada...

  • Dinner At Eight. A couple finds a new restaurant to try, and has the most incredible experience ever...until it's time to pay the check.
  • Smile For The Camera. A street photographer upgrades his gear to improve his work, but gets far more behind the lens than he planned.
  • Ancestry. We've all seen the commercials about DNA tests to learn our heritage. Be careful what you ask for.
  • There's An App For That? Always read the fine print before you click on the Agree button.
  • Shower Time. A simple shower leads to a different time, place, and person...but, not the best person to be. (This is now available in Patrick Reuman's anthology, THE EDGE : INFINITE DARKNESS)
  • Ear Wax. Maybe it's better to leave the cleaning to medical professionals, after all. (This is now available in the Year's Best Body Horror Anthology 2017, from Gehenna and Hinnom publishers)
  • Ghost Writer. A part time author finds an antique notebook that completes his ideas for him...but, at what cost?
  • Just A Little Bloob. He tortured her with his vile gas, but when she lost it and struck back, she unwittingly released Hell on Earth...(This appeared in the Trembling With Fear column of the Horror Tree website on 11/5/17)
  • Rough Draft. That person always on your nerves? Write them to death! Just don't look out the window afterwards...(This can be listened to on the Evil Podcast (evilpodcast.com) November 2017 episode)
  • Bequeath. Man has long believed that we all have a demon imprisoned deep within us, always kept at bay. But, what if it was released as we dream? (This is now available in the debut issue of Hinnom Magazine from Gehenna & Hinnom publishers)
  • Blind Terror. Trapped in a small space, so dark that sight is useless, trying to find a way out. He is not alone, and whatever is in there with him is not human...
  • Spirit of the Dead. The small, quiet village of Carson's Mill is the setting for ancient horrors spiraling out of control in this Novella length tale...
  • Texting. A conversation, entirely by text messages, between a teen and a dead man.
  • Nightmare. A recurring nightmare plagues him, getting a little closer to him each time he dreams it. (This is now available in the November 15th issue of Horror Bites magazine)
  • Cursed at the Crossroads. A bluesman changes his mind at the Crossroads, choosing to keep his soul, and the Devil is angry...very angry.
  • Trappe's Rest. A wiseguy testifies for the Feds, and heads out to hide. He finds a nondescript place where he fits in better than he'd have dreamed.(This will be appearing in Econoclash Review #2, release date TBA)
  • The Waiting Room. A short peek into an entirely possible future, reminiscent of the old Twilight Zone, with Rod Serling at the helm.
  • Littlebugs. Kelly endured Mike's complaints about tiny bugs harassing him. Turns out, she really should have listened better...
  • Mr. Cook's Visitor. An actor gets exceptional coaching for the role of a lifetime from a highly unlikely source...
  • Scary Dead Things. A nurse checks on a patient who dies of fright in front of her, while muttering "scarydeadthings"
  • Dark Divinity. Had he only taken the money, that would have been bad enough, but what he did was worse, much worse...
  • Tumor. They raced him into the OR, planning to save his life, not realizing they were opening a portal to Hell...(This can be listened to on the Evil Podcast (evilpodcast.com) January 2018 episode)
  • Tick...Tick...Tick.... The ticking of the Deathwatch Beetle follows Joe Quinn wherever he goes, and he soon learns why...
  • Dad. A short, 100 word horror tale, written specifically as a Drabble to contribute to the Horror Tree website, 12/31/17 edition.
  • Fill 'Er Up. When Daddy makes a promise to his little girl, he keeps it…even from beyond the grave…
  • Malone's Hand. A dying patient tells his visitor a story he cannot believe...until he gets the valise from the closet...
  • The Safe Place. Charlie Anderson retreats into a safe place, and finds it completely perfect, but shouldn't have locked that door...
  • Pie. Shane Wolfe tries a diet program with his wife, and finds a pizza alternative that includes more than just calories...
  • Blind Demo. DJ Tommy Knight is given a demo from a very unusual man in 1953, one that should never be played on the air...
  • Writer, Blocked. A writer falls into depression (and a bottle of bourbon), and is visited by the horrors he's created in his books...
  • Lucky Buck. An old man tells the story of a loser, finally given his chance to win, but deals with the devil rarely end well...
  • Damian's Grille. Those two rowdy bikers picked the wrong restaurant to get out of the downpour in...