A collection of tales best read at night...

What If?

"What If?" is a collection of 15 short stories describing what happens when every day events take unexpected turns down a dark path...


Stephen King has described short stories as being like kisses in the dark from a stranger, an apt description. This collection contains many such kisses, some fleeting, others lingering a bit more, but do be aware...some of these kisses may contain teeth.

Sharp teeth.

We meet the young DJ, his entire life and career ahead of him and progressing perfectly...until that stranger visits the station, bearing a demo recording best left unplayed. The young father whose love for his little girl transcends all...even life itself. The author being haunted by the malevolent creations he brought to life. The retired old timers, regulars at their favorite restaurant, who are more...MUCH more than they seem to the casual observer.

These stories and many more await the reader in this collection of tales from a dark imagination.

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Sleep Well...