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01 / 27 / 2018

Please enjoy my story, "Blind Terror"

Blind Terror
01 / 27 / 2018

Please enjoy my story, "Rough Draft"

Rough Draft

Some facts

Random stuff you may not know

Happy Anniversary To Me

It was a year ago, in January of 2017, that I got off my ass and began writing fiction. Better late then never, right?

Where do I get my ideas?

I'm so glad you asked! There is a small shop, due south of Kake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, named Walter's Wonders of the Western World which sells antiques, curios, and assorted ideas. Every couple months, I drive up, have a cup of tea with Walter, and pick up a bag or two of ideas to work with.

Anthology Completed

My short story collection, "What If?", is ready for a Halloween 2018 release.

"Luther" is progressing nicely

Working on my first full length novel, titled "Luther", a classic showdown of good vs. evil...

where do we go from here?


My Author page at Amazon

There will be more additions to this page quite soon, starting March first...

My Author page at Goodreads

More titles to come here as well, and if I do self publish, watch for special offers also

Current Projects

With the anthology files now completed, I've begun breaking ground on a novel about a recurring antagonist of mine...

Proud member of the HWA and ARIA